Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Turns out I didn’t go further with RuneQuest than thumbing the rules, but I did get a game of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition up and running. I wound up with 5e because: The new edition attracted by interest as a gamer and designer D&D is ubiquitous, well-supported, easy to find in stores to browse and buy The game seemed to have the right balance of crunch and ease-of-play, particularly for new players I haven’t paid attention to D&D since my deep dive into 4th edition, when I tried to play it as a sort of wargame — an “Advanced … Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Listening to the excellent Grognards Files Podcast reignited my nostalgia for RuneQuest, and inspired me to pull my RQ2 reprint edition down from the shelf. I bought copies of this reprint a couple years ago, both for myself and as a gift for the Ulm. We intended to play — even had a game night scheduled in July of 2016 — but time got away from us and I moved to Canada and etc. and etc. But now I am back and thumbing through the rules again. A nostalgic read, and it inspired me to sketch out at least the … Continue reading RuneQuest

52 Pick-Up

Our Pathfinder game is on life support. The next couple weeks will likely tell the tale. It’s the usual story — scheduling conflicts leading to suspended play leading to lost momentum leading to … the usual place. We did actually play a time or two since my previous entry, and I may type up those adventures if this campaign resumes … but it is starting to look as if this particular games has gone the way of all things. We did meet last night to play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game … … which was OK, but no real substitute … Continue reading 52 Pick-Up