52 Pick-Up

Our Pathfinder game is on life support. The next couple weeks will likely tell the tale.

It’s the usual story — scheduling conflicts leading to suspended play leading to lost momentum leading to … the usual place.

We did actually play a time or two since my previous entry, and I may type up those adventures if this campaign resumes … but it is starting to look as if this particular games has gone the way of all things.

We did meet last night to play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

… which was OK, but no real substitute for role playing. There is some enthusiasm to keep gaming, but whether this will manifest itself in continued role playing gaming remains to be seen.

Since this blog may shortly lapse back into suspended animation, a few words about the aforementioned Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The idea is clever — maybe more clever for the publisher than for the players — but no matter, as this is a quality production that I think will earn its share of fans. What Paizo has done is to repurpose their Rise of the Runelords art for a cooperative fantasy card game that uses quasi-Pathfinder mechanics to quasi-reproduce the events and adventures of their Runelords Adventure Path.

The result is a polished-if-mechanical exercise in flipping cards and rolling dice, with a little bit of RPG flavor filtering in via table talk and rationalizations about what is happening (“That dog pissed on my leg at the waterfront!”). S’okay. The clever bit is that this is a sort of slow-motion deck-building game, with character decks and abilities evolving over a continuing campaign … but after playing it twice last night, I’m not sure I see myself playing this game often enough to explore its secrets.

But my palantír is cloudy these days, so who knows?


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