Clean-Up Crew

Leaving no XP unearned, we decided to return to last week’s evil temple … just to be sure. This return visit was easier than the first, as we mopped up a few more Sinspawn, splattered some Varghulf, and encountered undead (and a hideously mutated goblin). We scored some treasure — including a +1 Longsword for Roog, which was worth the price of admission — and received further indications that our friends back in Sandpoint are hard against it, caught in the middle of an ages-old Runelord squabble that looks primed to hot up again.



Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a pair of ritual murders of local townsfolk, bodies left where we can find them with seven-pointed stars carved in the carcass. We have a note but few leads — I expect running down these killings will be the focus of next week’s game.

Seven Deadly Points


one point for each of seven deadly sins?

We are all on the edge of Level 3, and I find myself wondering if I should swap out my Wizard for a Bard after Amrudrel levels up. I enjoy the puzzle aspect of running a Wizard but the character isn’t coming together for me, personality-wise, and I wonder if I wouldn’t have more fun running a loudmouth snake oil salesmen. Hmm.


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