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Dungeon World: The Pitch

Once more into the breach! Continue reading

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Back Through The Future

Out of nowhere — Tunnels & Trolls1 Continue reading

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52 Pick-Up

Our Pathfinder game is on life support. The next couple weeks will likely tell the tale. It’s the usual story — scheduling conflicts leading to suspended play leading to lost momentum leading to … the usual place. We did actually … Continue reading

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Clean-Up Crew

Leaving no XP unearned, we decided to return to last week’s evil temple … just to be sure. This return visit was easier than the first, as we mopped up a few more Sinspawn, splattered some Varghulf, and encountered undead … Continue reading

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Temple of Fear!

“Fear” is proving to be a pervasive effect in the early stages of our Pathfinder game. Fear first routed nearly all our party while engaging a mummy, and then in this most recent game put flight to all of us … Continue reading

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Level Up: Amrudrel!

With my Fighter Leveled Up, it was time to turn my attention to my androgynous Wizard, Amrudrel! Here’s how he/she … Leveled Up! Amrudrel nearly died in our last game, going to negative three Hit Points before stabilizing, so more … Continue reading

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Level Up: Roog!

Our recent dungeoneering glory has landed enough experience points for our characters to attain second level. Here’s how my Fighter — Roog — Leveled Up! Once again I find that while Pathfinder is a robust rules system, it isn’t an … Continue reading

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