52 Pick-Up

Our Pathfinder game is on life support. The next couple weeks will likely tell the tale. It’s the usual story — scheduling conflicts leading to suspended play leading to lost momentum leading to … the usual place. We did actually play a time or two since my previous entry, and I may type up those adventures if this campaign resumes … but it is starting to look as if this particular games has gone the way of all things. We did meet last night to play the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game … … which was OK, but no real substitute … Continue reading 52 Pick-Up

Clean-Up Crew

Leaving no XP unearned, we decided to return to last week’s evil temple … just to be sure. This return visit was easier than the first, as we mopped up a few more Sinspawn, splattered some Varghulf, and encountered undead (and a hideously mutated goblin). We scored some treasure — including a +1 Longsword for Roog, which was worth the price of admission — and received further indications that our friends back in Sandpoint are hard against it, caught in the middle of an ages-old Runelord squabble that looks primed to hot up again. Sinspawn! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, … Continue reading Clean-Up Crew

Temple of Fear!

“Fear” is proving to be a pervasive effect in the early stages of our Pathfinder game. Fear first routed nearly all our party while engaging a mummy, and then in this most recent game put flight to all of us at a critical moment of a big dungeon battle. But more of that in a moment … We didn’t get as much done in our last game when compared to previous sessions, probably because we spent too much time farting around with a shopping expedition. With a bit of coin in our pockets it was wise to upgrade our gear, … Continue reading Temple of Fear!

Level Up: Amrudrel!

With my Fighter Leveled Up, it was time to turn my attention to my androgynous Wizard, Amrudrel! Here’s how he/she … Leveled Up! Amrudrel nearly died in our last game, going to negative three Hit Points before stabilizing, so more HP are welcome for my Wizard. Anrudreal earns 4 HP from his/her Hit Die, no bonus for CON, +1 for “favored class,” and +1 for his/her Toughness Feat. This take Amrudrel’s HP from 10 to 16, a substantial improvement. Amrudrel’s Base Attack Bonus and Will Save both get a bump, but there are no Wizard Class Features at Level 2. … Continue reading Level Up: Amrudrel!

Level Up: Roog!

Our recent dungeoneering glory has landed enough experience points for our characters to attain second level. Here’s how my Fighter — Roog — Leveled Up! Once again I find that while Pathfinder is a robust rules system, it isn’t an especially good rule book, as I can’t find any single paragraph or section that gives me a simple “do this, then this, then THIS” checklist for leveling up. I am informed the not-so-supplemental-but-instead-actually-essential Pathfinder Beginner’s Box does a better job of laying this stuff out. I don’t have that product — I’d depending on the PDF of the core rules … Continue reading Level Up: Roog!

Glass Half Full

Last night’s Pathfinder game was effectively one long brawl — which is fine, because we’re playing this as a tactical miniatures game with a little role playing on top. After some preliminary farting around, which saw our heroes gain some intelligence on the local goblin tribes from the Ranger Shalelu Andosana (about which more in a later post), our crew was essentially press-ganged into becoming Sandpoint’s home guard while Sheriff Balor Hemlock went for reinforcements (never a good sign when a guy named Hemlock thinks he needs more muscle). Shalelu Andosana — cooler than we are We had a preliminary … Continue reading Glass Half Full

Of Rats And Redheads

Our second Pathfinder game kicked off with a bang — more goblins, more chaos in Sandpoint. We arrived in time to save Aldern Foxglove¬†from some gobbos he should have been able to handle himself. Turns out he’s a big deal noble from down south with some rats in his basement — he slummed with us that night, took us on a boar hunt the next day, and flirted with Haywire instead of Amrudrel (the cad!). He actually wore out his welcome pretty fast, but he gave us horses and it’s nice to have a contact in the upper crust.   … Continue reading Of Rats And Redheads