Level Up: Amrudrel!

With my Fighter Leveled Up, it was time to turn my attention to my androgynous Wizard, Amrudrel! Here’s how he/she … Leveled Up!

Level Up!

Amrudrel nearly died in our last game, going to negative three Hit Points before stabilizing, so more HP are welcome for my Wizard. Anrudreal earns 4 HP from his/her Hit Die, no bonus for CON, +1 for “favored class,” and +1 for his/her Toughness Feat. This take Amrudrel’s HP from 10 to 16, a substantial improvement.

Amrudrel’s Base Attack Bonus and Will Save both get a bump, but there are no Wizard Class Features at Level 2. He/she earns¬†2 skill points for being a Wizard, plus five more for INT bonus, for seven points! But Amrudrel is bound by the restriction of not having more levels in a skill than he/she has hit dice, so that means no more than two levels in any given skill.

I used those seven points for a single level in each of Appraise, Craft (specifics TBD), Dungeoneering, Engineering, Geography, Local History, and Religion, which now gives Amrudrel a level in all his/her class skills except “Fly” and “Profession.” Starting next level I’ll fill those in, then specialize by applying additional levels to class skills that I’ve already got.

knowledge is power

knowledge skills can come in handy

For Wizards, of course, the fun is in picking new spells. At second level, Amrudrel gets to memorize an additional Cantrip (4) and an additional 1st level spell, which with his/her INT bonus lets Amrudrel memorize three first level spells (with one more loaded in his/her bonded object Quarterstaff).

Amrudrel gets to select two new spells of any level s/he can cast — since s/he already knows all the Cantrips, these will be Level 1 spells. I’ve already gotten the most valuable ones (I think) in Protection From Evil, Color Spray, Silent Image, Sleep, Charm Person, Grease, Obscuring Mist, and Mage Armor, so for my two new L1 spells I select Enlarge Person (to cast on Roog) and Unseen Servant (which I don’t really want, but as a specialist mage, Amrudrel has to select a spell from the Conjuration school).

I thought about going with Protection From Chaos instead of Enlarge Person, but I already have Protection From Evil and I can’t see memorizing two Protection spells at any one time. I hope Protection From Evil will be enough for an edge over most foes (and now watch the parade of Chaotic Neutral enemies the GM will throw at us …). I also can’t resist the notion of making big, dumb Roog even bigger and dumber.

Enlarge Person


I’d building Amrudrel as a “battlefield control” Wizard per Treantmonk’s Guide, and it will take a few more levels before this path’s best spells (mostly in the form of summonings) really start to manifest. In the meantime, Amrudrel will load up on Sleep spells, think of creative use for Grease, and try to avoid getting dead!


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