Listening to the excellent Grognards Files Podcast reignited my nostalgia for RuneQuest, and inspired me to pull my RQ2 reprint edition down from the shelf. I bought copies of this reprint a couple years ago, both for myself and as a gift for the Ulm. We intended to play — even had a game night scheduled in July of 2016 — but time got away from us and I moved to Canada and etc. and etc. But now I am back and thumbing through the rules again. A nostalgic read, and it inspired me to sketch out at least the … Continue reading RuneQuest

Quiet … TOO Quiet

After a flurry of role-playing posts I’ve gone dark here at Goblin Soup, but there’s been plenty of gaming going on. Check out the after-action reports over at my Geekend Forever! blog if you are interested. Don’t worry, though, a storm is coming. Looks like the Arnath Marches campaign will resume next week sometime, and it is looking increasingly likely that D&D in some form will continue into 2011, so hopefully this blog will continue too. Thanks for reading! Continue reading Quiet … TOO Quiet