A Lifetime Of Experience

I have a long history with Tunnels & Trolls and a deep emotional attachment to the game. Someday I will blog about the crazy ant-trail path that saw me drop out of high school in 1980 and wander out to Phoenix, Arizona, where I went to work for Flying Buffalo and ended up editing (and largely writing) Grimtooth’s Traps. That was the beginning of a thirty-year career in creative work that now finds me a partner in my own iPhone game development studio. I owe a lot to this game and the people who made it, especially author Ken St. … Continue reading A Lifetime Of Experience

Essentially Speaking

We didn’t set out to buy in to the new line of D&D Essentials products. It just kind of ended up that way. It started as a vague itch to run a D&D 4e campaign, then kind of snowballed into pre-ordering the newest wave of D&D products. I’ve enjoyed RPGs for a long time, starting with Tunnels & Trolls in the late 1970s. My first pro publications were role playing articles in Sorcerer’s Apprentice magazine, and Grimtooth’s Traps, which I edited and largely wrote back in 1981, remains in print to this day and has opened a lot of doors … Continue reading Essentially Speaking