A Lifetime Of Experience

I have a long history with Tunnels & Trolls and a deep emotional attachment to the game. Someday I will blog about the crazy ant-trail path that saw me drop out of high school in 1980 and wander out to Phoenix, Arizona, where I went to work for Flying Buffalo and ended up editing (and largely writing) Grimtooth’s Traps. That was the beginning of a thirty-year career in creative work that now finds me a partner in my own iPhone game development studio. I owe a lot to this game and the people who made it, especially author Ken St. … Continue reading A Lifetime Of Experience

Blast From The Past

To my surprise, Jack asked to continue his D&D game today. After a bit of discussion, though, it became clear that while he wanted to role-play, he really didn’t want to play D&D. He wanted a game that played faster, with simpler mechanics, with an easier-to-understand character sheet, and with more focus on narrative/free-form play than tactical, map-based encounters. He still wanted canonical elves and dwarves in an orc-killing world that would be familiar to a World of Warcraft player, but he didn’t want encounter powers, dice roll modifiers, healing surges, multiple (and different) actions per round, or ten or … Continue reading Blast From The Past

Counter Attack!

I must own hundreds of RPGs, so the only thing more ridiculous than buying new ones at this point is buying new RPG accessories (of which I also have hundreds). So you can guess what I did. This stuff actually showed up when I was deathly ill, so I didn’t have much chance to noodle with it until today. Here you see two counter collections from Fiery Dragon — Battlebox 4th Edition, and Counter Collection Heroic 1 — along with a GM set of 4e Condition Tokens from Litko and magnetic Gamemastery Combat Pad from Paizo (for tracking initiative). Not … Continue reading Counter Attack!