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Blast From The Past

To my surprise, Jack asked to continue his D&D game today. After a bit of discussion, though, it became clear that while he wanted to role-play, he really didn’t want to play D&D. He wanted a game that played faster, … Continue reading

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Monsters & Minions

As part of the fight at the Bridge of Four I threw a wave of thirty-two goblins at four heroes. Thirty-two goblins. That number is pretty staggering for a number of reasons. Those goblins were matched against first level characters, … Continue reading

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The Core Of The Matter

So how is this newfangled Essentials Rules Compendium holding up to actual play? Mechanically, the rules are doing just fine. Everything seems to be fitting together without contradiction or error, which is what you’d expect of this revised-but-don’t-call-it-Version-4.5 rules set. … Continue reading

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Arnath Marches Campaign #1 of 6 — Night March

After several weeks of researching and blogging and rules reading and counter clipping and character creating and adventure writing … we actually played D&D tonight. And I thought it was pretty damn entertaining. Andrew and Dave rolled out four first … Continue reading

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Counter Attack!

I must own hundreds of RPGs, so the only thing more ridiculous than buying new ones at this point is buying new RPG accessories (of which I also have hundreds). So you can guess what I did. This stuff actually … Continue reading

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Nerd Rage!

(Editor’s note — Andrew wrote this in email, but it really deserves an airing here on the blog, so I’ve reproduced it under his name, to his eternal shame and embarrassment. Thoughts and insights are his, editing mistakes and snarky … Continue reading

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The Essentials Have Landed

My Amazon box o’ D&D was waiting for me when I got home this evening. I haven’t had time to do much more than glance at the books but first impressions are favorable. Big type, lots of white space in … Continue reading

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