The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together

It took almost two months to the day, but I finally continued my Red Box adventure with the boys tonight. One of them, at least. Jack has been pestering me for about a week to get back to the game, so we set aside some time this evening to continue his campaign (tried to get Miles to join us, but to no avail). Jack had good recall of his first adventure, remembering that he’d healed one of the enemy goblins and shaken it down for information about its lair, so the paragraph book directed us straight to the goblin cave, … Continue reading The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together

First Impressions: Red Box

Fate conspired to land me in my car for six hours this morning while ushering my kids through call-backs for their new play, but it wasn’t a problem as I planed to take this opportunity to dig into my D&D Essentials books. Turned out the schedule planted one kid or the other in the car with me for most of the morning, so we elected to test drive The Essential Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, better known as the Red Box. You get a decent pile of stuff for your twenty bucks (cheaper than that online, of course) — a … Continue reading First Impressions: Red Box