Arnath Marches #6 of 5 (??) — Road of Trials

Rather unexpectedly, our Arnath Marches D&D campaign concluded earlier this week. The original plan was to play six games in three months, starting in October of 2010. We got off to a fast start with three games in October, but played only once in November, and not at all in December. With plot lines coming to a head and new players eager to join the campaign, our plan was to finish out this first section with just Dave, Andrew, and myself, and then launch the next phase of our game in February with our new gang. With the players eager … Continue reading Arnath Marches #6 of 5 (??) — Road of Trials

The Hospital Tent

Cragmoor’s Company is broken. Able-bodied survivors number in the dozens, with a few dozen more walking wounded, and many more seriously injured that will require a long convalescence. The majority of the Company are numbered among the dead. It’s chaos. Captain Cragmoor is dead, the army has lost much of its transport. Lord Claudred and his cavalry have turned traitor and left the Company. Sergeant Irontoe is missing. Shatul-Ghorag’s orcs have dragged away captives and treasure but they could return at any time. With Cragmoor and his staff dead or captured, the elf Bercalion, one of the senior sergeants of … Continue reading The Hospital Tent

Arnath Marches #4 of 6 — Rain of Swords

At least it felt like a rain of swords last night — dragons, ambushes, treachery, slaughter, surprises, and the death of a player character. This one had it all. We began where we left off, with the last battle inside the Coppernight Delve. The heroes cleaned out the last of the kobolds without undue effort, but then encountered the first of the night’s unpleasant surprises — a green dragon lording it over the kobolds, and the girl Tanree was her captive. No fans of suicide (although Cleitus was tempted), the heroes wisely opted to bargain with the dragon, and learned … Continue reading Arnath Marches #4 of 6 — Rain of Swords

Arnath Marches #3 of 6 — The Coppernight Delve

Only two encounters at tonight’s game, but they were fruitful with incident and narrative. If they took a long time it was because we were mulling our best moves, rather than trying to figure out how the rules work. I regard that as turning a corner. Awakening from their rest, the heroes found that Captain Cragmoor and his cavalry had returned from harrying goblins across the countryside, and the rest of the Company had crossed the newly-christened “Bridge of Four” and gone into bivouac on the west bank of the River Calaran. Sergeant Irontoe served the heroes spiced wine and … Continue reading Arnath Marches #3 of 6 — The Coppernight Delve


A bit of campaign clean-up. Calendar First, our calendar. We hit our goal of playing twice in October (huzzah!), but I’d like to examine our November dates. The original schedule calls for us to meet November 4 and November 18, but the 18th is already out as Dave will be at BGG.CON. I’m going to assume we stick with the 4th, but when do we want to schedule our second November game? Pushing it back a week runs into Thanksgiving (although there’s nothing to say we couldn’t play on a Tuesday or Wednesday that week). Should we go for a … Continue reading Housekeeping

Arnath Marches #2 of 6 — The Bridge of Four

The Bridge of Four — that’s what the bards will call it. The formerly anonymous span across the River Calaran now inspires song, of the four brave recruits of Cragmoor’s Company who won their spurs by holding the bridge against all odds, fortifying their position behind mounting walls of goblin dead. Bor-ag! Bor-ag! Bor-ag! They sing of Cleitus, victorious in single combat against the orc champion Borag the Ear-Taker, he of five kills (or was it three?). The goblin host howled with delight when Borag wrong-footed the impetuous human, passing up a sure killing-blow to position himself for a clean … Continue reading Arnath Marches #2 of 6 — The Bridge of Four