Character Development

I thought I’d share some comments about my characters’ development so far, in hopes it will help Dave and Paul work them into their backstory.  I plan on two unaligned characters.  Cleitus is pretty cut and dried, he is the typical chaotic neutral “do whatever he feels like at the time” type.  This post, though, is mostly about my mage, who is starting to come together.  I should note that this process is rather unique for me, as in every roleplaying game, be it computer, paper, xbox, whatever, I always play Cleitus the Black, the min/maxed warrior (or warrior/rogue hyrid, if that means he does more damage) with a dark, violent and somewhat … Continue reading Character Development

Nerd Rage!

(Editor’s note — Andrew wrote this in email, but it really deserves an airing here on the blog, so I’ve reproduced it under his name, to his eternal shame and embarrassment. Thoughts and insights are his, editing mistakes and snarky pictures and captions are mine. –PRO) I’ve been holding off commenting until I completely read through both books, and created my character.  Well last night I finished up the books and started creating my character. Here are some poorly organized thoughts on 4E: -THEY TOTALLY NERFED DUAL WIELDING (Looks like Cleitus suddenly switches to a BattleAxe? What gives?????) -NO MULTIPLE … Continue reading Nerd Rage!