Glass Half Full

Last night’s Pathfinder game was effectively one long brawl — which is fine, because we’re playing this as a tactical miniatures game with a little role playing on top.

After some preliminary farting around, which saw our heroes gain some intelligence on the local goblin tribes from the Ranger Shalelu Andosana (about which more in a later post), our crew was essentially press-ganged into becoming Sandpoint’s home guard while Sheriff Balor Hemlock went for reinforcements (never a good sign when a guy named Hemlock thinks he needs more muscle).

Shalelu Andosana

Shalelu Andosana — cooler than we are

We had a preliminary adventure were we arrived too late to prevent a goblin from killing a woman’s husband (characterized by the spectacular failure of our Cleric, Glenwine, to break the news in gentle fashion to the wife), but the meat of the adventure revolved around the Sandpoint Glassworks, and intrigue involving the Kaijitsu family, who may or may not be conspiring with the Goblins to burn Sandpoint to the ground. Since Ameiko Kaijitsu is the closest thing we have to a friend in this town, we felt honor-bound to follow up on her midnight disappearance at the Kaijitsu family Glassworks.

Sandpoint Glassworks

Bad juju! The Glassworks were a charnel house, overrun by Goblins and piled high with the bodies of workers and Ameiko’s old man. A desperate battle followed, with Roog and Haywire holding the door against the Goblin horde, while Amrudrel failed to hold the rear with her oh-so-clever placement of a Grease spell at the top of the stairs, which big bad Tsuto Kaijitsu nimbly avoided before putting a fists of fury beatdown on my Wizard.

We prevailed, but only just; Amrudrel hit the canvas and Roog was down to a single HP at one stage. By the end we’d recovered Ameiko (who has lost a family, but inherited a Glassworks), finished Tsuto, and uncovered a sinister plot to destroy Sandpoint by Goblin raid and the hellish machinations of a she-devil named Nualia.


Much killing in our future! At least we know who stole the body from the tomb last adventure. Tsuto, poor fool, wrote it all down in his handout diary!

dear diary, I am insane


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