The Regina Monologues: On The Town

When last we saw Irv he was freshly mustered out of the merchant service, still dealing with father issues, a bit richer but not much wiser for his twelve years of quasi-legal free trading, bush piloting, and tail gunning along the Spinward Main. Let’s see what happens next. In honor of this blog series subtitle, Irv begins his travelling career on … Regina! If you look real close you can see him there in hex 0910 of the Regina Subsector map: Far be it for a guy writing about solitaire Traveller on a role playing blog to wonder at the … Continue reading The Regina Monologues: On The Town

The Regina Monologues: Don’t Call Him “Frank”

You guys left me no choice. Here comes some solitaire Traveller. And it’s ok — this is covered by the rules. As Traveller Book 1 notes, “Solitaire is ideal for players who are isolated by situation or geography.” Man. “Isolated by situation.” There’s a whole universe of subtext in that one. The rules are Traveller revised second edition, circa 1981, as republished in archival form by Far Future Enterprises, because my own original little black books are long gone. While I have reprints of the supplements enabling advanced character generation, tonight I’m going to stick to the original Book 1 … Continue reading The Regina Monologues: Don’t Call Him “Frank”