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The Regina Monologues: On The Town

When last we saw Irv he was freshly mustered out of the merchant service, still dealing with father issues, a bit richer but not much wiser for his twelve years of quasi-legal free trading, bush piloting, and tail gunning along … Continue reading

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The Regina Monologues: Don’t Call Him “Frank”

You guys left me no choice. Here comes some solitaire Traveller. And it’s ok — this is covered by the rules. As Traveller Book 1 notes, “Solitaire is ideal for players who are isolated by situation or geography.” Man. “Isolated … Continue reading

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Fellow Travellers

Been thinking of playing some Classic Traveller. How about it? Any interest in noodling around with Traveller via this blog? If I have to do it solo, I suppose I could call it, “The Regina Monologues.”

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