Owlbear Surprise

Obviously there hasn’t been a lot of recent activity here at Goblin Soup. I just haven’t had the blogging urge. The games do continue. We’ve managed two meetings of our new D&D campaign, as well as that fill-in game of Zombie Cinema a couple weeks back. I’d like to write about those D&D games, about how old and new characters have come together and decided to overthrow a peaceful kingdom terrorized by ruthless mercenaries; about battles with ogres and amphibious things hiding in caves; about a vexing frog-king who held up in a bunker made from a dragon’s skull … … Continue reading Owlbear Surprise

Fill-In RPG Night!

DEEP In The SWAMPS Of Louisiana, Something DEAD Awakes! RECOIL From The Prospect Of BURNING Undead TODDLERS! WITNESS The Drug-Fueled RAMPAGE Of Zombie METH ADDICTS! WATCH A Bus Load Of Old CHURCH Ladies EXPLODE! WONDER At The Practicality Of A Suppository TRACKING DEVICE! You Will FAINT From TERROR When You Discover … WHAT’S UP BUCK? a Zombie Cinema production (D&D content to resume soon!) Continue reading Fill-In RPG Night!