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Getting To Grips

After some hashing about in our comments section of the previous post, I think we’re ready to move forward with our new campaign preliminaries. don’t ask Here’s what we know: DATES The game will be held on the first and … Continue reading

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Party Of Five

With our Arnath Marches campaign under wraps it’s time to look forward to our next campaign. At this point I am assuming that Andrew and Dave will be returning, and that we will be adding up to three more players. … Continue reading

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Arnath Marches #6 of 5 (??) — Road of Trials

Rather unexpectedly, our Arnath Marches D&D campaign concluded earlier this week. The original plan was to play six games in three months, starting in October of 2010. We got off to a fast start with three games in October, but … Continue reading

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