Getting To Grips

After some hashing about in our comments section of the previous post, I think we’re ready to move forward with our new campaign preliminaries. don’t ask Here’s what we know: DATES The game will be held on the first and third TUESDAYS of the month, at Dave’s place in Carlsbad. Our dates for the first four games (subject to change, as always) are: February 1 February 15 March 1 March 15 Games will start at 7:00 SHARP and will conclude in the 10:00 hour. Please feed yourself before arriving at the game. Dave can chime in with additional ground rules … Continue reading Getting To Grips

Party Of Five

With our Arnath Marches campaign under wraps it’s time to look forward to our next campaign. At this point I am assuming that Andrew and Dave will be returning, and that we will be adding up to three more players. With our expanded roster I expect each player will fall back toward running a single character. I expect Andrew will stick with Cleitus (3rd level human fighter) while Dave runs Fengrim (nearly-3rd level dwarf cleric), but if either or both of those worthy gentlemen wish to introduce a new character, that’s fine with me. Here’s what I expect of players, … Continue reading Party Of Five

Arnath Marches #6 of 5 (??) — Road of Trials

Rather unexpectedly, our Arnath Marches D&D campaign concluded earlier this week. The original plan was to play six games in three months, starting in October of 2010. We got off to a fast start with three games in October, but played only once in November, and not at all in December. With plot lines coming to a head and new players eager to join the campaign, our plan was to finish out this first section with just Dave, Andrew, and myself, and then launch the next phase of our game in February with our new gang. With the players eager … Continue reading Arnath Marches #6 of 5 (??) — Road of Trials