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Port St. Andre Campaign #2 — Sibling Rivals

Last day of vacation and the boys wanted one more game of Tunnels & Trolls. This time Miles joined his brother, Jack, adding a dwarf warrior, Brendan, to the party. This second game in reminded me of some of the … Continue reading

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Port St. Andre Campaign #1 — The New Frontier

Calling a single game of Tunnels & Trolls with my 11-year-old son Jack the start of a “campaign” is overstating things, but I think he’ll want to play again and it gives me joy to write about these things, so … Continue reading

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A Lifetime Of Experience

I have a long history with Tunnels & Trolls and a deep emotional attachment to the game. Someday I will blog about the crazy ant-trail path that saw me drop out of high school in 1980 and wander out to … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past

To my surprise, Jack asked to continue his D&D game today. After a bit of discussion, though, it became clear that while he wanted to role-play, he really didn’t want to play D&D. He wanted a game that played faster, … Continue reading

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The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together

It took almost two months to the day, but I finally continued my Red Box adventure with the boys tonight. One of them, at least. Jack has been pestering me for about a week to get back to the game, … Continue reading

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It Comes In The Mail

Fresh out of the box from Amazon: Andrew, I will bring my copy of Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms to you for our Sunday “Dawn Patrol” — you can borrow it if you’re serious about rolling up a Ranger.

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The Hospital Tent

Cragmoor’s Company is broken. Able-bodied survivors number in the dozens, with a few dozen more walking wounded, and many more seriously injured that will require a long convalescence. The majority of the Company are numbered among the dead. It’s chaos. … Continue reading

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