Character Counts

As a group we’re still trying to figure the best means of communicating with each other when we’re not actually around the table playing our D&D Essentials campaign. Email is immediate and convenient but it’s not so great for digging stuff out after the fact. We’re trying to migrate our email exchanges to the blog, but there are bound to be teething troubles. Anyway … let’s see if we can get a thread going here about character creation. If using the reply function here proves too cumbersome then we’ll go back to email and reserve the blog for bigger rocks, … Continue reading Character Counts

Nerd Rage!

(Editor’s note — Andrew wrote this in email, but it really deserves an airing here on the blog, so I’ve reproduced it under his name, to his eternal shame and embarrassment. Thoughts and insights are his, editing mistakes and snarky pictures and captions are mine. –PRO) I’ve been holding off commenting until I completely read through both books, and created my character.  Well last night I finished up the books and started creating my character. Here are some poorly organized thoughts on 4E: -THEY TOTALLY NERFED DUAL WIELDING (Looks like Cleitus suddenly switches to a BattleAxe? What gives?????) -NO MULTIPLE … Continue reading Nerd Rage!

First Impressions: Red Box

Fate conspired to land me in my car for six hours this morning while ushering my kids through call-backs for their new play, but it wasn’t a problem as I planed to take this opportunity to dig into my D&D Essentials books. Turned out the schedule planted one kid or the other in the car with me for most of the morning, so we elected to test drive The Essential Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, better known as the Red Box. You get a decent pile of stuff for your twenty bucks (cheaper than that online, of course) — a … Continue reading First Impressions: Red Box

First Impressions: Rules Compendium

I got about ninety pages into the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Rules Compendium last night. I like what I’ve read so far. The rules are approachable and readable. Very little actual rules content so far but with powers and combat rules still to come it is clear they back-loaded the crunch in this book. So far it’s all been philosophy, terminology, character-creation advice, a world overview, and other high level stuff. About the only meaningful rule that surprised me so far is: Don’t combine bonuses of the same type that apply to the same roll or score, use the higher … Continue reading First Impressions: Rules Compendium

The Essentials Have Landed

My Amazon box o’ D&D was waiting for me when I got home this evening. I haven’t had time to do much more than glance at the books but first impressions are favorable. Big type, lots of white space in the layout, nicely illustrated (where illustrated at all — the books look pretty crunchy, without a lot of fluff). Much will depend on how well-indexed the books prove to be. I spotted a glossary in one book, which is a good sign. The Essentials books are digest-sized, and soft-backed. They may fall apart with repeated use, but that would mean … Continue reading The Essentials Have Landed

Rules Of Engagement

We’re still waiting for our D&D Essentials rules to arrive but that doesn’t stop us from setting some ground rules. Our first campaign will be limited to six meetings. I will GM with Dave and Andrew as players. Indications are that the game may be less than optimal with only two characters so we will investigate the possibility of playing multiple characters at a time. (We could easily find more players, but at this point we want to keep the group small and rules-focused so we’re sticking with only our most hardcore players. Once we crack the game we can … Continue reading Rules Of Engagement

Why Essentials?

The D&D Essentials line wasn’t really on my radar before this week. I had heard about them in passing on Twitter but as I wasn’t in the market for D&D (and as the explanation of what they were about was murky) I promptly forgot about them. The whole point of this venture is to tackle “the ASL of RPGs,” so that meant I had missile lock on the three 4e D&D hardbacks. But Andrew (who along with Dave is joining me in this campaign) did a little sniffing around and said we should go with the D&D Essentials instead of … Continue reading Why Essentials?